• Since 1955, over 28,000 songs have appeared on the Hot 100 charts of Billboard Magazine. Amazingly, many DJ services tell you they have thousands of songs in their playlist, but the reality is that they tend to rely on a list of only the Top 200 songs for events that is published by a magazine called Mobile Beat. My playlists have those 200 songs available, but there are literally thousands of other songs that I will always play that will keep the crowd dancing or having a good time. I rely on my Musicologist background to make sure those songs are played.
  • I spend many hours each week doing research on the music of the past sixty years. I have a collection of Top Pop Music books that provide me with a wealth of music facts and trivia.
  • When I contract to do an event, I always try to sit with the client to determine what the playlist should be and what it MUST include and NOT include. I then review that playlist, look at the type of event it is and come up with a proposed playlist and an order for those songs. I review this playlist a second time with the client and refine it to their tastes. I then put the final list together, review it with the client, and then prepare for the event with this final list that has been agreed to. I take at least a few hours, sometimes more, to get familiar with all of the songs and how to introduce them, if necessary.
  • For any event, I believe I have a very special talent to create the proper “music mix”. This will actually insure that the event is as successful as possible.
  • I try to accommodate all requests from the guests and I know when to play them during the event.
  • In my mind, the DJ’s main objective is to understand the audience and make sure that the party is about them, not the DJ. Personally, I believe you must play the right music and I pride myself on being able to do that.
  • It is important to have the latest in technology to play the music. My primary system is an H-P Laptop running Traktor Pro Software and running through a Denon Mixer. My hard Drive has over 50,000 songs that span the past 60 years. I subscribe to some music services and continue to add the latest music to my collection. In the event of a problem with my laptop, my backup system is a Numark IDJ2 mixer that docks an Apple IPOD with over 10,000 songs as well as the 1TB Hard Drive that I use with my laptop. Of course I have backup hard drives, speakers, amplifiers and microphones.
  • Finally, I am in the process of writing a book that will really be the first of its kind. It is about the entire Top 40 Music industry from its inception in 1955 until today, and it will include much information about the Top 40 Radio Industry in this country. I will bring back many memories of all the tunes that have been the most popular and were played by some of the greatest Radio Deejays that ever spun records all over this fine country. I will also provide a significant portion of the book as a comprehensive “to-do” list on how to properly create playlists for IPODs and MP3 players. I hope to have it completed by the Spring of 2023.