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Neither Rain nor Mud can Stop the Party!!

On June 2, 2018, I was the DJ for the Wedding Party for Kristina Conway and Nate Sharrow.  The party was outdoors at their house and it was under a monstrous tent in their backyard.  The weather forecast was for rain.  The party started at 5PM and at 5:45PM, we had the first of two torrential downpours that evening.  It rained so hard, I was standing in 2 inches of rain.  But that did not stop us.  We wiped down the dance floor and the first dance and a special dance for Kristina’s parents took place without any problems.  The entire yard got very muddy and about 10PM, we got the second heavy downpour and once again, I was standing in 2 inches of rain.  But we danced, ate and drank and partied until Midnight.  I thought there was lightning, but fortunately, it was only the flashes from cameras.  Mission accomplished.  Everyone had a blast and had to clean off mud for days.